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Service for residential rentals in Gatineau and the national capital region

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Looking for a residential rental or property management services in Gatineau or the National Capital Region?

As the owner of Durand Management Group, I would like to present myself and to offer our rental or property management services. My name is Pierre Durand and we founded our company in 2002. I invite you to view our selection of rental properties in Gatineau and the National Capital Region. We offer residential rentals with or without official representation capacity to ensure first class service for our clients.

Our properties are owned by Canadians working for the govnerment who have gone or are going abroad for a couple years. We provide monitoring and maintenance of houses and condos for rent and we also provide maintenance services including snow removal, grounds and roof maintenance. Inspections are carried out twice a year to ensure the safety and good condition of the premises and we can even perform interior renovations. We can also pick up your mail when tou are on holidays or abroad.

Trust our expertise for the management of your property or the rental of your dream home. We have the experience, know the market, and have the tools to offer you a hassle-free residential management experience. Contact Durand Management Group by phone at 819 600-4498 or for more information about our services.

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Member of the:

Corpiq Corporation des propriétaires immobiliers du Québec

Other services :

  • Management and maintenance of properties
  • Management and supervision of renovations
  • Surveillance of properties during vacations
  • Rent collection with monthly report
  • 24 hour emergency service
  • Inspections every 4 months
  • Personalized service

We prepare government documents NR4 and NR6

Logo Groupe Gestion Durand For high quality service when it comes to home rentals or property management in Gatineau and the National Capital Region, call Durand Management Group!

We offer a hassle-free renting and a number of maintenance services. Contact us now by emai or by phone at 819 600-4498.

Pierre Durand

Pierre Durand Founder of Durand Management Group

Pierre Durand

Nicole Leduc Durand Founder

Durand Management Group: property management in Gatineau or the national capital region

When it comes to property management, several criteria must be taken into consideration before making a final choice. Durand Management Group recommends that you:

1. Be informed of your rights and responsibilities. Understand which items you are responsible for when renting and which responsibilities are borne by the owner.

2. Act as if you had bought a house. Pay particular attention to where you live. Security and good condition are paramount when buying or renting a property.

3. Do your calculations before signing. Renting a home can cut costs, but it can also create others. A good budget based on your property and your needs can help you avoid unexpected surprises.

4. Enjoy the flexibility of renting. Property management can offer you a lot of flexibility. Learn the benefits of renting a home with your specialist.

To benefit from the property management services of Durand Management Group in Ottawa and the National Capital Region, contact us now!